Tuesday, 5 January 2016

FC Taraba midfielder's daughter dies two weeks after birth as a result of no money due to Unpaid Salaries

Players slept outside the Govt's house gate for 10 days

I can't imagine the trauma and the unbearable pain this young man and his wife would be going through right now, all due to selfish and insensitive nature of government in Nigeria. FC Taraba midfielder Linus Adams was not around when the baby was born and still didn't see the baby before she died because he was away with his fellow teammates protesting at
the state government house gate ten months unpaid salaries at least to use it and take care of the baby and her mother. 

Mr.Linus said to make the matter worst that he doesn't even have the transport (5000 Naira) money to go and see how her wife and daughter was fairing only to hear the news of her daughter's death later (crying).

See how Ten (10) months unpaid wages have callously resulted to the death of FC Taraba Linus Adams' daughter two weeks after delivery, just perhaps because they can't afford to pay the hospital bills.

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