Sunday, 3 January 2016

Mikel's name chanted as Chelsea records Biggest win of the Season, receives massive Twitter praise

The boy is good joor, don't mind Mourinho that wants to ruin this guy's career.  The whole football fans especially on Twitter were full of praise for Mikel who showed his worth as
Chelsea claimed a 3-0 away win over stubborn Alan Pardew-led Crystal Palace. Interim Coach guus Hiddink was first to shower our own Mikel with praises and was delighted in his partnership with Cesc Fabregas in the midfield.

Meanwhile, this happens to be Chelsea's first biggest win of the current EPL season as they showed signs of return to old good form, which led to their fans chanting "we're gonna win the League". Hahahahaha!!!!! who dash dem monkey banana, winning the league is in their wildest (but anything can happen in the game of football ooo).

But let's see how Mikel received a lot of Twitter praise for his impressive performances below;

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