Sunday, 3 January 2016

OMG!! Wait a Minute , Did You See that?

The two bloodied fighters exchange blows during the ding-dong contest at UFC 195 - an early candidate for 2016's fight of the year

Guys!!! lets be serious here ooo. Would you allow your allow your son or close relative to participate in this type of bloody sports? Why would anyone want to destroy his face all in
the name of sports (or should I say money). Well they said the name of the sports is called UFC (meaning the Ultimate Fighting Championship), and for those of us that are passionate
Brock Lesnar (right) in UFC fight some years ago

 about Wrestling and follows WWE, it was revealed that this was the sports  Brock Lesnar "The Beast" aka Suplex City was into before he joined the WWE Family.

Back to the matter. Apparently this UFC fight took place between Robbie Lawler (left) and Carlos Condit (right) at the MGM Grand Octagon arena in Las Vegas (the home of Boxing) yesterday night.

It  was obvious that Robbie Lawler won the fight with a thrilling decision to successfully retain onto his welterweight Champions belt for a second time in a row.
Common dude, run away from that ring before you die young ooo!!!

Guys I don't know this sports but its too raw and bloody for my liking. Maybe Don Jazzy and Olamide should be called upon to settle there beef once and for all in this bloody ring.  *Winks*

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